Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gaiman makes me fluttery and Thing 21

I loved The Graveyard Book and developed an author crush on Neil Gaiman as a result (though Coraline, The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, and The Wolves in the Walls helped). Here's a podcast interview with him!

Interview with Neil Gaiman

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Thing 20 is sweet; I must share this!

YouTube is so ubiquitous, it seems absurd to share about it. But this is my very favorite video, sent to me by a Twitter follower after I posted about reading Richard Simmons' autobiography. This video makes me laugh until I choke and cry. Please enjoy! (This would be a useful tool for the library when doing storytimes. Record them for access later online! Like Dial-a-Book but with pictures. Thanks, Cathy!)

Twitter will be my Thing 19

Web 2.0 award-winning site for "social networking mainstays" - TWITTER! I have a personal Twitter with a widget on my blog page and I started a Twitter account for my library. I love this tool because it provides immediate status updates which can be very applicable in the library setting. "Just got a copy of Twilight in" or "Our bellydance program will be starting in half an hour; come join us for a free lesson". This is also a medium in which an increasing amount patrons are working. Libraries must adapt to serve their patrons. Also, limiting characters requires a poster to ensure they remain succinct in their posting and convey information quickly and clearly.

And moving on to Thing 18

Okay, now that I look at Thing 18, I see that Google Docs is an option for exploration. Well, clearly I am a fan of all things Google, as evidenced by previous posts. I adore Google Docs. A close friend was writing a screenplay with a director in New York. She lived in Vegas, he was in New York, yet they were able to access the same document and make changes without emailing back and forth, spending hours on the phone or worrying about incompatible formatting. I use it to write blog posts so I can edit and save them before posting. I use it for uploading work information, that I might bring it up anywhere. I use it to keep documents private, that no one may access them without a password, since I share my laptop at times. I think web-based apps are amazing and a definite technological perk.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thing 17! A real sandbox would have been more fun . . .

A wiki could be very useful for the library district. For the Youth Services Librarians, we could have shared storytime and craft ideas, to be edited by all to create the best possible resource. I love the collaborative nature of Google Docs, allowing the participation of multiple authors in a single document but again I return to the issue of authority control. i don't like when things degenerate into a bunch of nonsense. Like many of the posts during my schooling, that started as a student asking the professor a homework question, devolving into a series of chatter about children or just "yes" and "i agree". People seem to value their own input far more highly than is appropriate. That being said, yay Wiki!